Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The end of Aaron.... and maybe a pause from men for a bit

I thought things with Aaron were going fine.

We talked for weeks, we had what seemed like a great first date. And great physical chemistry.

And we made plans for date number 2.

And then he calls me and says "I don't think it's an emotional fit. I don't think you should come and see me this weekend. I'm walking away"

Very little explanation. He admits I'm very sexy, but doesn't think we're as compatible as apparently I thought we were...

And that despite him saying that he wants to keep it casual, he said that he's actually not cut out for casual.

So.......yeah. This person, who lost his brother last year, apparently doesn't have the emotional sensitivity to keep seeing me.

Actually, I think he's seeing someone else that he started seeing before me, but he wouldn't admit to that, which I find annoying.

Every rejection, or every hurdle is going to re-open the wound of missing husband #1. Of not believing that I have to go through this shit, after already having gone through this shit and finding the most amazing man for me, ever.

That this Aaron guy didn't even compare to.


I guess there are other things I need to be focusing on anyway, but it was a pleasant enough distraction for the time being.


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