Sunday, May 31, 2015

And then there were drinks.... and Scott and Adam

So I went to a fancy dinner with some girlfriends, where two of has had a drink...and then went out for 5 more drinks.

And even though I kind of cut Scott loose, and deleted his number, I decided to text him a little bit. And somehow and for some reason he mentioned titty fucking again.

So there's that. I feel like he is definitely not husband #2 material, but I can't decide if it's worth it to get some free drinks or dinner from him. I mean, a girl's gotta eat and drink.

It's still probably a month till I relocate to Chicago, but before then, I'll probably be there at least 4 times, including pretty soon.

Once Aaron freaked out/revealed how immature he is, I decided I need to move on to the next man, and started talking to Adam, a chemistry PhD candidate at a school in the greater Chicago area. We know someone in common. He's not exactly my physical type, but in some pictures he seems not unattractive.

And since I had a lot to drink over the weekend, I texted him a lot and I'm pretty sure said some borderline inappropriate things, but some things I learned about him throughout the drunken messages:

- he said he's dated a few girls, even a classmate, but nothing that's lasted more than a few weeks. He hadn't done much dating until a few years ago, it's been a mix of interesting and frustrating.
- he has a younger brother who is also getting is phd
- he said he thinks i'm cute and he likes my energy
- he said he hasn't made out since last june or july, and that it's been kinda dry for a while --- i made a joke about how it's not dry in the wet lab (where he spends a lot of time doing science stuff, i imagine)
- he said he likes a girl who knows her way around a pun. I said I know my way around a lot of things that start with the letter p ...... like pyramids and pentagons and punctuation
- he said i seem pretty clever
- he said he likes how bold/confident/comfortable i am. it's refreshing and sweet

also he is independent.
and moving in september, but we're going out after i have an interview in the chicago area for dinner. so we'll see how that goes.

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