Friday, May 22, 2015

Not everyone is okay with dating a widow...

I messaged a guy, he seemed interested in grabbing a drink, until I told him my story.

To which he responded with this:

"My sincere condolences.

I hate sounding insensitive, but that revelation changes my outlook. I don't think I am the person you need, and I know you are not the person I am looking for. Hope everything works out for you.



No doubt, I'm not for everyone, but it still stings a little. I'm trying to cast a wide net, because at the core of myself, I don't want to be alone.

I wish I could have husband#1 back. I know he didn't mean to leave me. But he did. I want someone else to understand my jokes. To think I'm cute. To want to procreate with me.

It's okay that it's not Erick.

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