Thursday, May 21, 2015

Talking to Scott again...

So it's been weeks since Scott and I started talking, and things got heated, and then simmered down. And now we're just 2 weeks away from actually going out.

We recently FaceTimed, and I still think he's cute. And his phone battery died just as I unzipped my dress......but he got it charged up enough, and I might have showed him my boobs.

And I don't know if I regret that. There are already some flags as to why I think he might not be husband #2, but I do sort of want to climb on top of him, and I want to know if it'll be as good as it is in my head/in my dreams.

I feel like at almost 4 months into this widowhood, I might be about ready to have sex. With someone who is gentle with my heart. And maybe a little rough with some other parts.

Scott isn't sure I'm emotionally ready for what he's looking for, but I told him I don't think I'll know until I'm in it. And that I know what it is to sustain an exciting there's that.

I asked him not to write me off yet. But through texts, he made some comment about that I was being nasty to him.

I didn't like that, because I don't think I was being. He's kind of emotional, and I think in the end, I need someone a little more mellow. Just like husband #1 was.

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