Monday, May 4, 2015

Date #2 with Ryan

I'm pretty sure that date #2 with Ryan will be the last date with Ryan. He is a nice guy. Understanding. Smart. Not altogether unattractive, but I'm pretty confident that he's not the new guy for me.

We made plans for me to go to his apartment to watch Curb Your Enthusiasm, and for him to make me dinner. We talked all week about the tentative menu, and he seemed really excited to cook for me. Let's be honest, a meal where I can watch TV, that costs me nothing, I was looking forward to it too.

So I get to his apartment in Lincoln Square, that he shares with two other 20something year old boys. He opens the door, and I am smacked in the face with the smell of boy.

And not like boy's cologne, but full on boy living, breathing, sweating in the apartment boy.

Strike 1. But I can look past it. I can. They are nose blind to it, and soon I will be too.

We sit on the old, grimy couches, in front of the coffee table that is a slab of glass on top of two plastic hampers. One is pink and one is blue. The table is littered with papers, remotes, cups, paper towels......  He mentions that he has nice stuff. That none of this stuff is his. His stuff is in storage, and costs $100 a month to store. He's doing that instead of having his stuff in this apartment. Okay, so strike 2, but I can look past it. He wants me to believe that he's adult enough......and I almost do.

I came over for dinner, and after watching TV for half an hour or so, I said I was getting hungry. He asked if I wanted to help chop up stuff for the fondue that he was going to make. I didn't really want to.....but of course said I would help. I'm a good chopper, but it was our second date....he should still be trying to impress me...and maybe he was, but it just sort of felt like he didn't quite have his shit together. Like he isn't a good enough planner.

So we ate the apples, carrots, bread and broccoli in the fondue, and the next course he had planned was steak, but at this point it was 9pm, and the steak was still wrapped in plastic. I didn't really feel like waiting half an hour and eating such a heavy thing, so I asked him if he would be offended if I didn't eat steak. He kind of seemed like he would be, but I told him it would be a waste, that sometimes I don't like to eat large amounts all at once...

We keep watching TV for a bit; HBOGo keeps on stalling. His arm is around me, I'm kind of nuzzled into him. It's not terrible, really. Except for that my neck starts to hurt after a little bit. But I find myself getting bored, and while he is nice and all, I found myself really wondering about my physical attraction to him.

So I ask him, point blank, if he wants to fool around for a little bit.

We go into his bedroom....bed unmade, and I gesture for him to take off his shirt. And he does. And it's really hairy. Front and back. Something I'm not used to at all. I used to tell husband #1 that he had the perfect amount of hair...everywhere really. Ryan and I are kissing, his shirt is off, and he unzips my dress, so I'm standing there in my bra and panties, and I's fine and all, but not great....

We climb into bed - me, with the knowledge that there's no way I'll be sleeping with him, but also with a curiosity as to what I'm working with.... I find my way to his zipper, after swatting his hand away from my panties... and telling him that whatever he was doing to my nipple wasn't really doing anything for me.

I unzip his pants and find my way disappointment. I'm sure it's average. But I was used to above average. And I loved every minute of it. I offered to play with it for a bit, without actually seeing it, but he said he's never gotten off with manual stimulation from a girl.

This is where I know something's up. "Are you on antidepressants?" I ask. Sure enough, he is. And blood pressure medication. There's no way I want to fight against the meds. There's also no real chance that I want to watch him jerk off while he looks at me. And yes, he did ask if I'd be okay with that. And then asks if it was weird. I said, "yes, that's weird." In 9 years with husband #1 I don't think he ever jerked off in front of me. And that was okay by me.

So I tell Ryan that I'm not even going to try if it's not going to happen, and then went to put my bra back on. I just felt like everything was too dirty that I didn't really want his hands wandering in my nether regions, and there wasn't much else to do.

I told him shortly after that I wanted to leave. And I left, after a few more kisses. And I got in the car and drove to my friend's house....and I cried for husband #1 most of the way there.

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