Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Going out with Ryan...thinking about Scott

It still feels a little weird to be thinking about/talking to two different men, neither of whom are husband#1....but my friends are encouraging me to cast a wide net. To play the field. To have a little fun.

Even though I had the most fun with husband #1, I think they're right. I shouldn't get too into any one man at this point. It's unlikely that the first or second guy I date or hook up with will become husband #2. Not impossible, but unlikely.

So I'm seeing Ryan, who is really nice. Who texts with me all the time. Who told me he likes me......but I can't help but think about how sexy Scott was in the video I saw of him an empty room.

Scott and I decided to put in pin in whatever we were developing since we aren't going to be in the same place for several weeks yet. I kind of get is really just a fantasy right now, even if we did FaceTime....but in the meantime, it's nice to have Ryan as a distraction.

And I may have bought a sexy new bra and panties to have in my back pocket...just in case.....

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