Monday, May 11, 2015

Sexting with Scott - Part 2

- I don't understand where I left the last post about sexting with Scott. I was going to include the text here..... but I think it's better to leave it up to your imagination.

He started here:

-Well, hypothetically, imagine you are on top ......

And it got raunchy.
And ended here:

- Glad I could explain to you the meaning of tossable. You're lucky if you're tossable. Doubly if you are tossable with big firm breasts. It creates various opportunities.

And after a few days passed, we decided to put a pin in our communication until we're closer to being in the same city.

He is smart. Articulate. A little emotional, but I told him I wanted to see me as more than just a potential lay. We started talking, in theory, because we have at least one quality that the other is looking for in a life mate.

So pin in Scott. Until further notice.

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